College Station ISD Administrators Exploring A May 2024 Bond Election For Athletic Facilities

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College Station ISD’s superintendent tells his school board that he plans to bring back in January, the planning committee that worked on the recent bond issue.

Board members did not express any opposition during their November 14th meeting to the idea from Tim Harkrider to explore whether to ask voters a third time to approve a bond for CSISD athletics facilities.

CSISD board president Jeff Horak said that is interested in analyzing the results of the November 7th election, where CSISD voters defeated propositions “C” and “D”.

Harkrider says administrators will be taking a deeper dive into last week’s election results after Thanksgiving.

The superintendent also noted that “realize when we were around 650 to 700 votes short out of 7,000, it is definitely gettable” to pass bonds for athletics facilities.

There was no disagreement among CSISD board members to continue educating voters about current conditions of athletic facilities and how they are used by students who are not on sports teams.

Click below to hear comments from the November 14, 2023 College Station ISD school board meeting.