College Station Firefighters Responded To 36 Calls On Thursday

If you were driving in College Station Thursday, chances were you saw fire department vehicles running red light and siren.

CSFD responded to 36 calls, including four fires in nine hours.

On Crest Street in the Wolf Pen Creek area, CSFD checked out a light haze. No fire was found and the building was turned over to maintenance.

On Taurus, off Holleman near Gabbard Park, there was a grease fire in the oven. CSFD credited the resident for keeping the oven door closed and turning off the oven, which kept the fire from growing. There was no structural damage or injuries.

On Copperfield, firefighters found smoking electronics on a washing machine. Again, no structural damage or injuries.

And off Wellborn Road south of Fitch, what was reported as a house fire turned out to be flames shooting out of a burn barrel in the backyard of a home on Norton Lane. The fire was extinguished and the resident was advised of city burn regulations.

In addition to the fires, CSFD ambulances were sent to the scenes of major accidents, overdoses, falls, and unconscious patients.

CSFD tells WTAW News the department averages 18 calls each day between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., and 10 calls during overnight hours.