College Station City Council Runoff Election Will Have Two Voting Sites On Election Day

The College Station city council decides to have two voting sites for next month’s runoff election.

The unanimous vote to Dennis Maloney’s main motion adds the Meyer center to the College Station Utilities training center on election day to settle who will win the council’s place five seat.

There was also no opposition to adding language to the motion sought by Elizabeth Cunha telling Brazos County, which is administering the election, that they wanted early voting on a Saturday.

City secretary Tanya Smith said the cost of the runoff with one voting center was $20,000 dollars. The cost of the second center was not known.

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Click below for comments from the November 12, 2020 College Station city council meeting. Speakers include city secretary Tanya Smith and councilmembers Bob Brick, Dennis Maloney, and Elizabeth Cunha.

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