College Station City Council Receives A Brazos County Health District Update

Image from the Brazos County health district's Twitter page.
Image from the Brazos County health district's Twitter page.

College Station city council members received an update during their last meeting about activities at the Brazos County health district.

The update from councilman and health board member Bob Yancy included the status of Dr. Seth Sullivan, who was the health district’s spokesman during the pandemic, along with a steep increase in the number of septic system installations outside of city limits, and recent numbers of people who have contracted COVID…including cases at three nursing homes.

As for the status of Sullivan, a health district spokeswoman tells WTAW News that “Dr. Sullivan is and will remain the Health Authority. What is questionable is the future of the Medical Director position at the Health District. Currently, Dr. Sullivan is our acting Medical Director and is exploring the possibility of staying in that role, in addition to his role as the Health Authority. If it is determined that he will not remain the Medical Director, we will search for a replacement at that time. Regardless of this outcome, however, Dr. Sullivan will remain Health Authority.”

Click below to hear comments from Bob Yancy during the September 14, 2023 College Station city council meeting.