College Station City Council Majority Tells Developers Of A Proposed Townhome Complex To Get Neighborhood Support

Image from the city of College Station.
Image from the city of College Station.

For the second time in seven months, a College Station city council majority sides with residents in a single family neighborhood.

225 residents in Doves Crossing signed a petition against changing the land use designation on ten acres along Graham Road between them and the I-L-T school to build up to 110 townhomes.

The council voted 4-3 Thursday night to delay action for seven weeks to give developers more time to get neighborhood support

The three hour debate included 15 speakers opposed to what developers say is a $20 million dollar that would generate at least $500,000 a year in property tax revenue.

Three realtors spoke in support of the townhome project while a fourth realtor was opposed.

One person who did not disclose where they lived supported the project.

Click below for comments from mayor Karl Mooney, who told townhome supporters that neighborhood opponents need to be respected.


Click below for comments from councilman Dennis Maloney, who offered other ideas to develop the property within its present land use and zoning designations.


The townhome votes followed the council rejecting a proposal last February to build more than 240 apartments.

Click HERE to read and download the presentation materials from the September 9, 2021 College Station city council meeting.

Click HERE to read and download additional information given to the council.