College Station City Council Extends Curbside Recycling Contract Over Repeated Objections By One Councilmember

The College Station city council has extended its agreement with a private company to continue offer residential curbside recycling.

The five year, $4.5 million dollar contract was approved by a five to one vote following repeated opposition by Linda Harvell.

Harvell questioned “Ag shacks” and other multiple resident student housing being charged the same price as single family homes, which is changing to $3.15 a month from $3.18 a month.

Harvell, who lives south of the Texas A&M campus in a neighborhood dominated by student rentals, says problems with placing trash in recyclable containers and other trash collection issues repeats every four to six months as new students move in.

Harvell called on city staff communicating directly with landlords, who in turn would pass on the message to their tenants.

Click below for comments from Linda Harvell, the city of College Station’s recycling manager Caroline Ask, and city manager Bryan Woods.

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