College Station City Council Extends A Drought Emergency Declaration The Day Before It Starts Raining

Screen shot from a city of College Station document.
Screen shot from a city of College Station document.

On Wednesday, the day before rain began, the College Station city council extended mayor Karl Mooney’s drought emergency declaration for 30 days.

Before the unanimous vote, two councilmembers brought up how the drought had affected city parks.

Councilwoman Elizabeth Cunha said the lake along the Lick Creek Park bicycle trail had dried up.

And councilwoman Linda Harvell was told that turtles were being threatened by the lack of water at Wolf Pen Creek Park.

The mayor observed that the current drought, as of Wednesday and before rainfall, was approaching how bad it was in 2011.

Click HERE to read and download background information about the city of College Station’s drought emergency declaration.

Click below for comments from the August 17, 2022 College Station city council meeting:

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