City Of Bryan Responds To Bryan Firefighters Association Statements About Coronavirus Workplace Exposure

The city of Bryan responds to repeated statements by the Bryan firefighters association regarding coronavirus workplace exposure.

The city sent an e-mail to WTAW News that ended with: “Any information that states or implies the City is not following State law and does not plan to cover eligible work-related claims is inaccurate.”

The statement also said “The City follows all laws relating to protection of its employees.”

And the city reported as of Wednesday, no firefighters have been exposed to coronavirus.

Screen shot of e-mail sent by the city of Bryan to WTAW News, on July 22, 2020.

Original story, July 15 2020:

Coronavirus workplace concerns from the Bryan firefighters association has reached the city council.

A letter written by association president Daniel Buford was read at Tuesday’s council meeting by city secretary Mary Lynne Stratta.

The association demands the city comply with their workers compensation carrier when first responders become infected. The letter stated “The city of Bryan’s claim administrator describes our health and safety during this pandemic as a gray area. This is unacceptable.”

A statement on the association’s Facebook page also states “For four months your First Responders have been left in the dark awaiting if the City of Bryan will follow Texas Government Code 607 treating Covid-19 as a presumptive illness.”

The letter also stated “We applaud the city of Bryan’s recent decision to now cooperate with Texas civil service code 143 to overturn the recent demand to have your first responders unlawfully use their earned sick leave to abide by the city’s demand to quarantine.”

The council could not comment after the letter was read because the subject was not on the agenda.

The next morning, mayor Andrew Nelson said on WTAW’s The Infomaniacs that he is willing to look at anything, and that he has been looking into the association’s demand since last week.

Click below to hear the letter from the Bryan firefighters association and mayor Andrew Nelson’s comments from WTAW’s The Infomaniacs.

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