CHI St. Joseph Is Moving Women’s And Pediatric Services From Bryan To College Station

This summer, CHI St. Joseph Health is moving women’s and pediatric services from Bryan to College Station.

President Theron Park, who was born at the Bryan regional hospital, says the move takes advantage of College Station’s labor and delivery area that The Med closed almost two years ago.

Park also says the Bryan hospital, which has been delivering 2,200 to 2,400 babies a year, has hit its capacity.

Park says the move, which is projected to take place over several days in July, will allow for future expansion of other services offered in Bryan.

Click below for comments from Theron Park, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

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News release from CHI St. Joseph Health:

CHI St. Joseph Health will move women’s and pediatric services to College Station Hospital, located at 1604 Rock Prairie Road, previously College Station Medical Center.

This move will occur sometime in the summer of 2020.

Women’s services consists of labor & delivery, post-partum, nursery and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), in-pediatric care and gynecological services. All will move from Regional Hospital (Bryan) to College Station Hospital.

By transitioning these services to College Station Hospital, St. Joseph Health can offer patients and their families a more comforting environment.

The location allows convenient parking and easier access to the facility.

With this move, St. Joseph Health will expand the space and privacy of our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to all-private NICU rooms.

Private NICU rooms improve the safety of our tiniest patients by limiting exposure and providing a better experience for patient and family visitation. This also creates a more soothing healing environment.

Our Level II NICU accreditation will remain and we will continue the existing relationship with Texas Children’s Hospital Neonatologists, who care for our newborns, both in the nursery and the NICU.

“We believe everyone deserves access to quality, affordable care, and services, and this change aligns with our mission of emphasizing human dignity and social justice while creating healthier communities,” said Theron Park, President and CEO of CHI St. Joseph Health. “We will continue to care for the most vulnerable in our communities, but by moving this service to College Station Hospital, we improve accessibility of it. As with anything we do regarding patient care, we kept our mission and values at the forefront of this decision.”

This also increases space and growth opportunities at Regional Hospital in Bryan, allowing St. Joseph Health to offer new services to the community.