BV Food Bank Faces Pandemic Challenges

Supply chain issues, food shortages and the pandemic have all contributed to a stressful summer at the Brazos Valley Food Bank.

Theresa Mangapora, Executive Director, says even with more government programs enacted, families in the Brazos Valley are hungry.

“There are a lot of kiddos who benefit from school meals who lose that access,” said Mangapora.

Mangapora says supply chain issues and food shortages are making it difficult to keep certain foods in stock.

“Regular canned vegetables, green beans, corn carrots, peas, all of the normal things that you can get in a can that you would think any food bank would have on the shelf, we don’t,” says Mangapora.

Mangapora says in the last six months, they have also seen a decrease in frozen meat, which they normally get from their “retail pickup program”.

“Going to all the local grocery stores and picking up what hasn’t sold, and its been frozen, there isn’t a lot of extra of that right now because so many of us are still buying more groceries than we used to and not visiting the restaurants as much,” said Mangapora.

Mangapora says the pandemic has also resulted in less community food drives.

BVFB’s matching challenge with HEB doubles your donation through August 31st.

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The 28th annual Feast of Caring is scheduled for Wednesday, August 4th from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the Brazos Center.

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