Bryan’s Police Chief Says A Mayoral Candidate’s Campaign Ad That The Department Is Being Defunded Is Not True

Bryan’s police chief says a radio advertisement from a mayoral candidate that BPD has been defunded is wrong.

Eric Buske, who contacted WTAW News after hearing the ad, says he has not been contacted by the candidate about BPD’s budget.

The chief, who is in his 13th year, said “I’m pretty much known as an apolitical person, and I still believe that. But I couldn’t let it sit out there that we’re going to be defunded or anything like that because it’s just not true.”

Buske also said “one of the reasons that I like being police chief here (is) because of the support we get. Not just from the administration but from the community. And everyone is very supportive of us as an agency and our officers.”

Click below for comments from Eric Buske, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver: