Bryan Woman Returns To Jail On A Family Violence Charge Before Serving Time For Six Crimes Over The Last Four Years

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Before a Bryan woman goes to jail to start serving time after admitting to six crimes over the last four years, she was arrested by Bryan police Sunday morning on a new charge of family violence aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to the BPD arrest report, 21 year old Skylett Duffie tried to strike her girlfriend with her car in an apartment parking lot. In the process, Duffie’s car struck five parked vehicles.

That’s after the girlfriend is accused of punching Duffie in their apartment. The girlfriend is also accused of jumping through an open window while the car was backing up and striking Duffie again.

According to online court records, Duffie pleaded guilty on May 27th to crimes in eight cases. Prosecution was barred in two of the cases. Duffie was sentenced but did not report to jail to serve 310 days for injuring a child last December, stealing more than $7,000 dollars in clothing from two stores at the mall last November, and a misdemeanor assault causing bodily injury in September of 2017. She was also sentenced, but had not started serving, 180 day sentences for interfering with public duties, criminal trespassing, and misdemeanor theft.

The girlfriend, 22 year old Yaheaven Johnson, was arrested for family violence assault causing bodily injury. She remained in jail Tuesday morning in lieu of a $4,000 dollar bond.

Photos of (L-R) Skylett Duffie and Yaheaven Johnson from
Photos of (L-R) Skylett Duffie and Yaheaven Johnson from