Bryan Police Use Information From A Convenience Store Clerk To Arrest A Customer For Forging Checks Belonging To An Elderly Person

Photo of Brad Bishop from
Photo of Brad Bishop from
Bryan police use information from a convenience store clerk to arrest a customer for forging checks belonging to an elderly person.

The BPD arrest report says the customer, who previously cashed bad checks, was attempting to cash another bad check.

An officer stopped the customer as he left the store. When the officer asked the customer to contact the person whose name was on the check, the customer instead called someone else. The unknown person told officers that the check was not his.

The officer then spoke with the victim, who said that she did not write the check. She also said she discovered her purse containing her checkbook was missing after the customer and another person were in her home to work on her floor.

The customer, who continued to deny that the checks were forged, was arrested for writing checks for $387 and $392 dollars on the account of someone who is 65 or older.

47 year old Brad Bishop of Bryan, who was booked on September 12, was in jail as of September 14 in lieu of a $5,000 dollar bond.