Bryan Police Make Two Coronavirus Related Arrests

A Bryan man is booked at the Brazos County jail for the 46th time after telling Bryan police he has coronavirus and he coughs in the direction of officers. This is after Bryan police responded to a disturbance Sunday night between a husband and wife at their home. According to the arrest report, officers believed 42 year old Manvell Ily Ginn was under the influence of PCP, and he arrested for public intoxication. At the jail, Ginn told detention and BPD officers he had coronavirus and he coughed towards the face of a detention officer. That led to an additional charge of harassing a public servant and Ginn being placed in a jail cell by himself. Jail administrator Wayne Dicky says no inmates have tested positive, detention officers have been trained to spot symptoms, inmates are separated when there are concerns, and the vast majority of inmates are cooperating during the pandemic. Ginn was in jail Tuesday afternoon in lieu of an $8,000 dollar bond.

A Bryan man wanted by the Washington County sheriff’s office is now in the Washington County jail. That’s after the Washington County sheriff’s office reissued a warrant accusing 69 year old Michael McReynolds of family violence aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Washington County initially withdrew the warrant after Bryan police officers responded Sunday to a disturbance involving McReynolds and another man. According to the BPD arrest report, Washington County suspended warrant confirmations due to coronavirus. BPD then arrested McReynolds for resisting arrest related to the disturbance. Due to coronavirus, McReynolds was released on his promise to make future court appearances on what BPD disclosed was a class “A” misdemeanor charge. According to Brazos County jail records, McReynolds was booked Monday on the Washington County warrant, and on Tuesday he was transferred.

Photos of (L-R) Manvell Ily Ginn and Michael McReynolds from