Bryan Police Arrest Assault Victim After Finding Illegal Drugs And A Stolen Gun

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Photo of Jaydon Velasquez from
Photo of Jaydon Velasquez from
A Bryan man who tells police he was assaulted by three unknown people who got into his apartment through an unlocked sliding glass door lands in jail.

According to the Bryan police arrest report, 20 year old Jaydon Velasquez told officers he was armed with a handgun while he was assaulted.

The serial number, which was barely visible, was traced to a stolen gun from Navasota.

Another officer who smelled marijuana and asked Velasquez about that led to the discovery of almost four pounds of marijuana in a closet.

That led to a search of the apartment, where officers found THC and methamphetamine.

Velasquez is out of jail after posting totaling $42,000 dollars.