Bryan Police Arrest A Mother For Assaulting Her Daughter In And Out Of A Bryan ISD School Bus

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Photo of Charlene Thomas from
Photo of Charlene Thomas from

The morning of last January 18th, Bryan police respond to what turned out to be allegations of a 12 year old Bryan girl being assaulted by her mother and an aunt in and outside a Bryan ISD school bus.

The mother was arrested Tuesday on a charge of injuring her daughter. The aunt has not been charged or arrested. The daughter was placed in the custody of her father.

According to the BPD arrest report, the mother dragged her daughter out of the bus and the child was punched five times. The daughter had a cut and scratch marks across her face and neck.

The aunt is accused of pinning her niece against a fence then throwing her to the ground.

The mother, 31 year old Charlene Thomas, remains in jail as of Wednesday afternoon in lieu of a $25,000 dollar bond.

A BPD spokesman tells WTAW News the length of time between the incident and the arrest was to allow for a thorough investigation.