Bryan Man Arrested For Possessing Marijuana Inside A Drivers License Office Is Also On His 10th Court Date For A DWI Trial

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Photo of Felipe Guzman Tello from
Photo of Felipe Guzman Tello from
A Bryan man arrested more than four years ago for drunk driving with three prior convictions has had his jury trial set ten times.

And on the day of his ninth trial setting, he is arrested for possessing marijuana while sitting in the Bryan DPS drivers license office.

According to online court records, 52 year old Felipe Guzman Tello’s DWI arrest was in March 2016. It took six months for Tello to be indicted. The first trial date was ten months after the indictment.

According to the district attorney’s office, the first two dates were cancelled because a defense expert witness was not available. The judge cancelled the next four dates to preside over other trials. And the last three dates were cancelled due to the pandemic. That includes the day Tello was arrested at the DPS office.

As for the marijuana possession arrest, according to the DPS arrest report Tello was escorted out of the building after a DPS employee smelled marijuana. Then Tello gave a trooper a plastic bag containing what is believed to be marijuana.

Tello is out of jail after posting a $2,000 bond on the new misdemeanor charge. That’s in addition to a $10,000 dollar bond on the DWI charge, which according to court records the tenth trial date is next January.