Bryan Man Arrested For Initiating Gunfire That Left Him With A Gunshot Wound

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Photo of Shemar Darnell from
Photo of Shemar Darnell from
An arrest has been made following gunfire in a west Bryan neighborhood two weeks ago.

19 year old Shemar Darnell is accused of firing at two men the evening of October 12 in the area of Cedarcrest and Ridgedale, which is between Henderson Park and Jones elementary school.

That followed an argument outside Palasota Grocery.

According to the Bryan police arrest report, one of the shots ricocheted off a house and scratched the cheek of one of the men.

The other man told a BPD detective he returned fire. One of those shots hit Darnell in the hip.

Darnell told a detective as he was being treated for the injury that he did not know who shot him and that he had not recently fired a gun.

Darnell was arrested last Thursday on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

As of Monday morning, he remains jailed in lieu of bonds totaling $50,000 dollars and a $25,000 dollar bond while awaiting trial on a charge of burglary of a habitation from September of last year