Bryan Man Accused Of Throwing A Fire Extinguisher Through A Motel Room Window Then Setting Fire To A Lawn Mower

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A Bryan man sentenced the year before last to five years in prison for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and drug possession returns to the Brazos County jail for the 11th time in almost 11 years.

36 year old Coty Lohse was arrested by Bryan police Friday on an arson charge.

Lohse is accused of setting fire to a lawn mower outside a home near the Motel 6 at Highway 21 and the freeway.

Before that, according to the BPD arrest report, Lohse went to the motel, turned off the breaker box, took a master key from the motel office, and took a fire extinguisher and broke a window to enter a room.

Lohse, who told officers he had used methamphetamine the night before, was also arrested for public intoxication and criminal trespassing. As of Monday afternoon, he remained in jail in lieu of bonds totaling $10,965 dollars.