Bryan ISD School Board Pandemic Decisions And Proposals At This Week’s Workshop Meeting

Image produced by Bryan ISD.
Image produced by Bryan ISD.

Tuesday’s Bryan ISD school board workshop meeting included multiple items related to the pandemic.

The board approved giving employees who test positive up to ten days of additional leave, regardless if they are vaccinated and/or wear masks.

Click HERE to read and download background information about the additional leave for BISD employees.

There was no opposition to consider creating virtual classes for kindergarten through sixth grade once the governor signs legislation that was approved during the second special session. Associate superintendent Barbara Ybarra emphasized this option would not be for students who get infected. That option, which was suggested by parents, could begin as soon as the last Tuesday in September.

Click HERE to read and download background information about the proposed BISD virtual academy.

There were at least three board members who offered ideas to incentivize employees and students over 12 to get vaccinated and for students and employees to wear masks.

Board members were also told there is an agreement with a local clinic to provide vaccinations for BISD employees and students 12 and older, along with rapid testing for employees.

Click HERE to read and download the Bryan ISD pandemic update that was presented during the September 7, 2021 board meeting.

Click below for comments from the September 7, 2021 BISD board meeting.

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