Bryan ISD School Board Approves Renewing Bryan Police School Resource Officer Agreement

Bryan school board members Monday night approved an annual renewal of an agreement with the Bryan police department for school resource officers (SRO).

Click HERE to read and download the interlocal agreement presented during the June 15, 2020 Bryan ISD board meeting.

Click HERE to read and downtown the resolution presented during the June 15, 2020 Bryan ISD board meeting.

That came after board members heard from six opponents who called for disbanding the unit.

Board member David Stasny disagreed with those who believe SRO’s are only on campus to catch criminals.


Board president Mark McCall brought up the positive relationships between SRO’s and students that includes his children.


McCall and Stasny shared a common opinion of SRO’s providing security.


The unanimous vote came after the board’s newest member, Fran Duane, questioned why the district doesn’t have data associated with the work of nine officers and one sergeant.


Superintendent Christie Whitbeck brought up the additional work done by SRO’s.


Duane agreed with the renewal after board president Mark McCall said there would be a review of what SRO’s do during the next school year.