Bryan ISD School Board Approves Incentives For New Bus Drivers Who Meet Qualifications

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Add the Bryan ISD school district to employers giving a bonus for hiring qualified bus drivers.

BISD board members during their last meeting approved a $1,000 bonus where $500 comes in the first paycheck and another $500 after six months of continuous service.

BISD’s executive director over transportation, Julea Johnson says qualifications apply to first time hires who among other things have a CDL and are Texas certified.

Johnson says looking for those who are “route ready” is in addition to the district hiring new drivers with no experience and paying them for 120 hours of training

Johnson told board members the district needed another 20 drivers. As of November 15, the only BISD transportation department director who was not driving a bus was the director.

Click below for comments from Julea Johnson during the November 15, 2021 Bryan ISD school board meeting.