Bryan Father Accused of Breaking Jaw of Infant Son

Photo of Jason Sanders courtesy of Brazos County's Judicial Records Search at:

A three month old is hospitalized in Temple, and the baby’s father is in jail accused of injuring his son.

31 year old Jason Sanders of Bryan is breaking the infant’s right jaw, resisting arrest, and striking an officer.

Police were sent to St. Joseph’s Hospital Wednesday night where the mother said her husband thought the injuries were the result of the baby hitting his crib.

Police went to the home to visit with the father, who would only answer questions if everyone stayed outside the front door.

While the wife, famly pastor, and six policemen were outside, Sanders said he slapped his baby twice across the face because he was being fussy and impossible to soothe.

A detective then told Sanders he would have to come outside to be arrested.

Instead, the man reached around his back where he possibly had a weapon. That’s when five of the officers entered the apartment and one fired a Taser twice before Sanders was in handcuffs.

Sanders, who according to jail records is six-foot-three and 235 pounds, is being held on bonds totaling $31,000 dollars.

Bryan Police Officer Jon Agnew recaps the allegations.