Bryan City Council Approves Selling The Closed Gibbons Creek Power Plant To A Kentucky Company

Screen shot from an e-mail sent by the city of Bryan, September 24 2020.
Screen shot from an e-mail sent by the city of Bryan, September 24 2020.

The closed Gibbons Creek power plant near Carlos is one vote away from being sold to a private company.

Tuesday night, the Bryan city council approved the sale to a Kentucky based company that does not plan to restart the coal-fired generator.

The city of Bryan is one of four owners of the Grimes County property that stopped producing electricity in 2018.

City councils in Garland and Greenville approved the sale Tuesday night. Denton will consider the same on January 26th.

According to background information provided to the Bryan council, the sale will save more than $48 million dollars in environmental remediation costs.

Click HERE to read and download a summary of the Gibbons Creek sale that was provided to the Bryan city council.

Before the Bryan council unanimously approved the sale with no comments, they heard city secretary Mary Lynne Stratta read letters from three opponents.

Click below to hear letters read by Mary Lynne Stratta that were written by three opponents to the sale.


The buyer is considering redevelopment options that includes renewable energy, agricultural, and unidentified commercial and industrial uses.

Click HERE to be directed to last September’s announcement of the sale to Charah Solutions.