Bryan City Council Approves Moving Excess BTU Revenue Into The City’s Capital Reserve Fund

Action at the last Bryan city council meeting included adding excess revenue generated by BTU into the city’s capital reserve fund.

For the second time this year, the transfer of possibly $20 million dollars was opposed by councilman Mike Southerland.

Southerland received an explanation of the transfer from city manager Kean Register, chief financial officer Joe Hegwood, and city attorney Janis Hampton.

When Southerland asked mayor Andrew Nelson his plans for spending the $20 million, the mayor said that was not part of the agenda item. Southerland then told the mayor he wanted to “know the rationale for transferring that money. I mean we don’t just do it for no reason.”, and ” As a member of the council I think that’s important information to know.”

Quoting background information staff presented to the council, “This revision will accommodate budgeted transfers in FY 2020 for the Travis Bryan Midtown Park projects and several drainage projects being constructed this year.”

The transfer was approved by a five to one vote. Mayor pro tem Greg Owens “enthusiastically move for approval” and councilman Buppy Simank said “100 percent yes” to the proposal.

Click HERE to read and download background information about the BTU transfer proposal.

Click below for comments from the May 12, 2020 Bryan city council meeting:

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Screen shot from background information at the May 12, 2020 Bryan city council meeting.