Brazos County Property Tax Statements Are In The Snail Mail

Photo of the Brazos County tax office that was taken April 29, 2015.
Photo of the Brazos County tax office that was taken April 29, 2015.

Behind schedule by two to four weeks, Brazos County property tax statements are in the snail mail.

Tax assessor-collector Kristy Roe says anyone who does not want to wait for their statement to arrive can access their information at

The delay in sending more than 110,000 tax bills was due to the county commission’s delay in setting the county’s property tax rate.

The delay does not give property owners additional time to make payments, either in full or by using the split payment option.

News release from Brazos County tax assessor-collector Kristy Roe:

Over 110,000 tax bills are in the mail for Brazos County property owners. Property owners are encouraged to check their statements to verify that they have received notifications on all properties that they own. The Brazos County Tax Office mails a statement on each account, including a courtesy statement to those property owners who utilize mortgage escrow accounts. However, failure to receive a statement does not delay or change due dates or the accrual of penalties for late payment.

For property owners wishing to take advantage of the split payment option this year, the information on these bills is critical. While there are issues on the ballot for the November 8th election that may modify some property owners’ records, any modification will not be made until after the split payment deadline of November 30th. If changes are required, they will be made to the second half of the payment amount. Corrected bills will be mailed if necessary. In this manner, everyone who wishes to use the split payment option for their property taxes will have ample time to do so, and the tax office will be able to document those payments accurately.

Taxpayers not wanting to wait for their statement to arrive can access their information on the tax office website at Payments can be submitted on the website by eCheck, credit/debit card, PayPal and PayPal Credit. Payments can also be submitted in person at the tax office, by using the drop boxes located at the front entrance of the office and in drive-thru lane 1, by telephone at 1-888-254-4339, and also by mail. NOTE: The timeliness of payment by mail is determined by the US Postal Service postmark. Since Brazos County mail all goes to Houston before being postmarked, waiting until the deadline to mail a payment may impact a taxpayer’s qualification of a split payment.

Full payment of 2022 taxes has a deadline of January 31, 2023. Taxpayers can make partial payments on the full amount of tax, but partial payments cannot be made on half payments. To qualify for the half payment option, the taxes must be made in 2 equal payments. Split payment deadlines are on or before November 30 for the first half, and on or before June 30 for the second half payment.

Information on payment options and fees can be found on the back of the tax statement. Also, the property tax information section of the website provides payment options offered, instructions for payment online, by phone, by mail, in person and drop box options.