Brazos County District Court Jury Awards A $69 Million Dollar Judgment

Screen shot from a Brazos County district court document.
Screen shot from a Brazos County district court document.

A Brazos County district court jury awards the parents of a daughter who was killed by a drunk driver more than $69 million dollars.

The driver, 21 year old Pedro Puga of Bryan, admitted to manslaughter last year and was sentenced to 15 years for killing Texas A&M student Carlynn Beatty in September 2019.

A unanimous jury awarded $20 million dollars to each of the parents, Robert and Suzanne Beatty, for future mental anguish, $10 million apiece for future loss of companionship, $3 million apiece for past mental anguish, $1.5 million apiece for past loss of companionship, and $250,000 dollars in exemplary damages.

According to court documents, Puga denied the allegations from the parents of the victim and accused the parents of negligence.

Prosecutors said Puga’s blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit at .320. Puga also tested positive for THC, cocaine metabolites, and etizolam, which is similar to Xanax, but not available in the United States.

Click HERE to read and download case documents from the Brazos County district clerk’s office that includes jury instructions and the verdict.