Blinn College Trustee Asks Administrators About Reimbursing Faculty Travel Between Bryan And Brenham

Image from Blinn College's Twitter account.
Image from Blinn College's Twitter account.

Blinn College trustees learn during their regular November meeting that travel expenses are up 57 percent this school year. That was expected with travel increasing since the end of the pandemic.

Trustee Dennis Crowson, who brought up the travel budget statistic, also said that he has heard from several Bryan faculty members who say that they are not getting reimbursed for driving between Bryan and Blinn’s home campus in Brenham.

Blinn’s chief financial officer (CFO) Clem Burton said according to the I-R-S, employees are not reimbursed for going to their first workplace location.

Dr. Crowson, who is a former Blinn senior vice president of student services, said “our wonderful faculty that we have, I think that’s very unfair.”

Dr. Burton, who is in his fourth month as Blinn’s CFO, also said that he will look into the college’s travel reimbursement policy.

Click below for comments from Dennis Crowson and Clem Burton during the November 14, 2023 Blinn board of trustees meeting.