Arts Council Needs Survey Responses for Funding

The Arts Council of Brazos Valley needs survey responses from artists and creative organizations who were affected by the pandemic.

Taryn Williames, Grant Specialist, says they will use the responses to put together an application for funding.

“With these responses, we can develop a really strong argument for why we deserve these American Rescue Plan funds so we can distribute them back into our community,” sayd Williames.

Click HERE to take the survey. The deadline is Sunday, August 1st.

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News release from Arts Council of Brazos Valley:

The Arts Council of Brazos Valley (ACBV) requires responses to their survey by August 1, 2021 to ensure funding necessary to rejuvenate Brazos Valley Arts & Culture following losses caused by the pandemic.

The Arts Council is asking individuals and creative industries impacted by COVID-19 to fill out the survey. This will be used to create a strong case for increased funding of the arts to representatives of federal, local, and state governments for American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding.

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