Arrests On Charges Of Crimes Against Children Includes Intentionally Causing Serious Bodily Injury

A 19 year old Bryan man is accused of causing multiple injuries to his five week old daughter. Bryan police report the baby was hospitalized with a brain bleed, skull fractures, rib fractures, contusions to both eyes, and bruises on her calf and thighs. According to the arrest report, Gabriel Anthony Sanchez told officers he was frustrated with the baby’s crying. Sanchez told officers he hit her abdomen, then threw her down on a bed, causing her to bounce in the air and hit her face on a nightstand. The baby’s mother was at work when the child was injured. Sanchez, who was arrested on a charge of intentionally causing serious bodily injury, remains in jail in lieu of a $70,000 dollar bond.

A Bryan man is in jail after jumping out of a second floor apartment window, then busted through a ground floor apartment bedroom window. According to the Bryan police arrest report, shards of glass from the bedroom window landed on the bed where a woman and her baby were laying. Then the man climbed through the broken window, punched the woman’s 58 inch television, punched several holes in an interior door, then went outside and pulled on a car window with enough force to shatter the window. It took three officers and medicine administered by a firefighter EMT to get the man on a stretcher. 20 year old Ronald Jermaine Wilson, who told the person living in the second story apartment he had taken K-2, went to the hospital before being transported to jail. Wilson is held in lieu of bonds totaling $21,000 dollars after his arrest for child endangerment, criminal trespassing, and criminal mischief.

Photos of (L-R) Gabriel Anthony Sanchez and Ronald Jermaine Wilson from