Brazos County Jail Passes Annual State Inspection That Included Additional Spectators

The Brazos County jail that’s been in operation for ten years has passed its tenth consecutive state inspection.

The normal two day inspection was extended by a day this year.

And joining the one state inspector was the state’s assistant director and members of the Texas Sunset Commission, which audits the commission on jail standards every 12 years.

The state inspection includes the 949 bed detention center, the county’s 128 bed low risk facility and the holding area on the first floor of the courthouse.

Click HERE to read and download the news release from the Brazos County sheriff’s office:

On July 1, 2020, Texas Commission on Jail Standards Inspector Jennifer Shumake completed a three day inspection of the Brazos County Detention Facilities.

The inspector found the Brazos County Detention Center to be in compliance with Texas Jail Standards and authorized the issuance of a Certificate of Compliance from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

The 1077 bed jail system is located on three sites; Court Holding on the 1st floor of the County Courthouse; the Sandy Point Detention Center (949 beds); and the Low Risk Facility (128 Beds).

The inspections are conducted annually in every Texas Jail to make sure the jails are in compliance with VTCA, Local Government Code, Chapter 351 and Texas Minimum Jail Standards. The two day inspection included:

• review of site security;

• review of facility maintenance and condition,

• review of life safety preparation and performance;

• review of staffing levels;

• review of inmate admission, classification and release;

• review for sanitation and personal hygiene;

• review of medical services, mental health services and records;

• review of procedures for reporting inmates with mental illness

• examination of records on required jail activities, such as recreation, visitation, and correspondence;

• review of inmate commissary, visitation, and religious practices

• interviews with inmates; and

• a review of inmate grievance and discipline procedures.

NOTE – Inspector Shumake was accompanied by Texas Commission on Jail Standards Deputy Director Shannon Herklotz and two representatives of the Texas Sunset Commission. The members of the Sunset Commission participated in the inspection as part of the mandatory evaluation of the Texas Commission on Jail Standards that occurs every 12 years.

Sheriff Kirk states: “These surprise annual inspections are something we prepare for, we continually foster an expectation that we will comply with standards and work hard to maintain & operate our jail so that it would pass inspection any time of the year. I am proud of our staff and pledge that the Brazos County Jail will continue to meet or exceed the standards established by the State.”

Original story:

The annual surprise inspection of the Brazos County jail also included an inspection of the inspectors.

Sheriff Chris Kirk’s weekly update to county commissioners included an assistant director of the Texas Jail Commission accompanied the inspector.

Kirk also reported the jail commission employees were joined by two members of the Texas Sunset Commission, which is auditing the jail commission.

Click below for comments from Chris Kirk during the June 30, 2020 Brazos County commission meeting: