A Brazos County Commissioner Questions The Accuracy Of Free COVID Tests Offered By The Health District

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Brazos County commissioners were told during Tuesday’s meeting that the health district is giving away 10,000 free COVID tests on Wednesday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the atrium of the county’s administration building.

While Brazos County risk manager Leslie Contreras was making the announcement, she was asked by commissioner Irma Cauley about the accuracy of the tests.

Contreras told Cauley that would be a question to ask the health district.

Mary Parrish at the health district tells WTAW News that the tests are 93 to 98 percent accurate, and 99 percent accurate with a positive result.

Parrish reminds those taking COVID tests that the first test should be done two days before attending a holiday event, and take the second test the day of the event.

Click below for comments from the December 6, 2022 Brazos County commission meeting, followed by a visit with Mary Parrish and WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

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