City Of Bryan And Brazos County Joint Orders For Face Covering And Social Distancing

Bryan mayor Andrew Nelson and Brazos County judge Duane Peters were together Friday to announce joint orders for face covering and social distancing.

Click HERE to read and download the order issued by Andrew Nelson.



Click HERE to read and download the order issued by Duane Peters.



The orders, which do not apply in College Station, applies to being inside businesses and out in public.

There are no financial or criminal penalties in Bryan or the rest of Brazos County, again with the exception of College Station.

But like College Station, Bryan and Brazos County do require businesses to compose and publicly post a “health and safety policy” requiring face coverings. The policy for Bryan and Brazos County expands the health and safety policy to also include social distancing.

After the orders were announced, the city of Bryan released the results of an online survey where more than 3,600 residents answered four questions. 62 percent supported financial penalties for not wearing masks inside businesses and 60 percent supported financial penalties for not practicing social distancing inside businesses.

The survey also indicated 82 percent supported social distancing requirements inside businesses and 80 percent supported wearing masks inside businesses.

A common requirement in all three jurisdictions is for businesses to create a “health and safety policy” that will be posted for public view.

Nelson was asked about citizens who oppose wearing masks and practicing social distancing.



Nelson, Peters, and College Station mayor Karl Mooney…who was also present, also responded to questions about enforcing the orders.







Screen shot from the city of Bryan Twitter account.