United Way of the Brazos Valley president Alison Prince and UWBW manager for 2-1-1 Texas Missee Mora visit with WTAW’s Bill Oliver. Topics include a gift wrapping fundraiser benefiting 2-1-1 Texas the next two weekends at Post Oak Mall and another invitation to join a grant review committee.

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The Brazos Valley Food Bank has closed on its new property, the former Kristen Distributing warehouse in Bryan.

Executive Director Theresa Mangapora says it may take six months to a year to convert the building.

The Food Bank is preparing for Wednesday’s families for food drive and invites volunteers to sort those collections, which has averaged 200,000 pounds in past years.

To volunteer, call the food bank at 979-779-3663 and ask for Dalia.

Click below for comments from Theresa Mangapora, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver:



Photo from the Brazos Valley Food Bank Facebook page of their new warehouse.

Photo from the Brazos Valley Food Bank Facebook page of their new warehouse.


Ben Hardeman, who started his third tour of duty on the Bryan city council last month, visited with Scott DeLucia on WTAW’s The Infomaniacs Thursday, December 3 2015.



Photo of Ben Hardeman courtesy the city of Bryan.

Photo of Ben Hardeman courtesy the city of Bryan.


Bryan police officer Kelley McKethan visits with WTAW’s Bill Oliver about a holiday theft video produced by the Denver (Colorado) police department, remembering two fallen officers, a reminder of the upcoming Holiday Magic event at Sue Haswell Park, and locations of increased traffic enforcement.



Click HERE to be directed to the Denver police Facebook video.

Screen shot from the Bryan police Facebook page of the Denver police video.

Screen shot from the Bryan police Facebook page of the Denver police video.


Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski discussed the changes that come with new council members, Ann Horton’s appointment to the Blinn College board of trustees, and more during his regular appearance on The Infomaniacs, Wednesday, December 2.

Click below to listen to Mayor Jason Bienski visit with WTAW’s Scott DeLucia.

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U.S. Representative Bill Flores (R-TX) of Bryan discussed the 1,300-page transportation bill, a bill in the Senate that could challenge Obamacare, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff saying ISIS is not contained, and more during his weekly Washington update on The Infomaniacs Wednesday, December 2.

Click below to listen to Congressman Bill Flores’ discussion with WTAW’s Scott DeLucia.

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United Way of the Brazos Valley’s community campaign has reached about 30 percent of its $800,000 dollar goal.

During the weekly UWBV update on the WTAW 5 p.m. newshour, president Alison Prince said over 60 employers have held their campaigns, another 31 are taking place, and 20 to 25 more have yet to start.

She says there is time to schedule more, which can be done by contacting the United Way office.

The UWBV community campaign continues through March 2016.

Prince says they’re still receiving results from the state employees charitable campaign, which ended October 31.

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College Station Mayor Nancy Berry discussed pedestrian safety in light of recent fatality and injury accidents, impact fees and tax rates, her appointment to the Blinn board of trustees, and more during her regular appearance on The Infomaniacs, Wednesday, November 25.

Click below to listen to Mayor Nancy Berry visit with WTAW’s Scott Delucia 

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United Way of the Brazos Valley Vice President of Community Impact Lindsey LeBlanc visits with WTAW’s Bill Oliver about volunteering for UWBV’s community impact grant committee and announces contributions can be made on the agency’s Facebook page.

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Three recent vehicle burglaries in College Station where forced entry was made and firearms were taken have led to reminders to reduce your chances of being a victim.

Lt. Steve Brock says if you’re going to be out of your vehicle for any length of time, get the guns…and any other valuables…out of plain sight.

Brock also suggest hiding or taking out of the vehicle, firearm accessories like ammo boxes and even earplugs.



From College Station police:

The College Station Police Department would like to remind everyone that it is that time of the year when thefts increase, including theft of firearms from vehicles and residences. Recently there were three vehicles broken into that all had firearms stolen. All of these vehicles were locked and forced entry was made. The police department encourages our citizens to make it difficult on would-be criminals to burglarize their vehicles and homes by taking specific measures. Regarding vehicles, remember to:

• Park your vehicle in a locked garage. If a garage is not an option remember to always lock your doors.
• Take any items of value inside with you if possible, if not lock them in the trunk

• Hide items of value out of plain sight, including auxiliary cords that would suggest there is an electronic device in the vehicle.

• When shopping or running errands park in well-lit areas.

It is also that time of year where drivers have more firearms, both handguns and long rifles in their vehicles due to hunting season and traveling. If this is the case remember:

• Do not leave firearms in your vehicle if at all possible.

• If weapons have to remain in a vehicle make sure they are locked in the truck. If that is not an option make sure the firearm is hidden. This includes any firearm accessories, such as gun cases, ammunition boxes and ear protection.

• Criminals will target vehicles that have subtle indicators that a firearm might be inside. These indicators could be gun support or hunting club stickers.

To help prevent theft of firearms during a residence burglary remember to:

• Keep all doors and windows locked, including the garage door.
• Activate the security system if you have one.
• Store weapons in a locked safe.
• Firearms that might be kept out over night for security purposes should be locked in a safe before departing the residence.

Finally, always be aware of your surroundings and call your local police department to report any suspicious people and activity in your area.


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