Bryan fire department deputy fire marshal William Bouse visits with WTAW’s Bill Oliver about safe grilling.

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Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski reacted to the Blinn board of trustees’ decision Tuesday to not approve a compromise on pending legislation related to financial distribution between Brenham and Bryan, and more during his regular appearance on The Infomaniacs, Wednesday, April 8.

Click below to listen to Mayor Jason Bienski visit with WTAW’s Scott DeLucia.

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District 14 State Representative John Raney of Bryan reacted to the Blinn board of trustees’ decision Tuesday to not approve a compromise on pending legislation related to financial distribution between Brenham and Bryan, and more during his regular update on The Infomaniacs Wednesday, April 8.

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U.S. Representative Bill Flores (R-TX) of Bryan discussed the recent nuclear framework with Iran, his upcoming town hall meetings, a new app to help people understand legislative progress, and more during his weekly Washington update on The Infomaniacs Wednesday, April 8.

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Officer Kelley McKethan of the Bryan police department visits with WTAW’s Bill Oliver about Wednesday morning’s “Coffee With A Cop” event at the Brazos Valley African-American Museum, signs of alcohol poisoning and the Good Samaritan law, and locations of increased traffic enforcement.



McKethan reminds those headed to Chilifest this weekend to have a sober ride home before you ever go out. If a friend drank too much and is showing signs of alcohol poisoning, call 911 immediately or get them to a hospital. The Good Samaritan Law protects the person getting help for their friend. McKethan says if you are underage and been drinking or if you are intoxicated as well you will not be charged.

Signs of alcohol poisoning are:

o Confusion
o Vomiting
o Seizures
o Slow breathing (less than eight breaths a minute)
o Irregular breathing (a gap of more than 10 seconds between breaths)
o Blue-tinged skin or pale skin
o Low body temperature (hypothermia)
o Passing out (unconsciousness) and can’t be awakened


The centennial of the Texas A&M Forest Service is underway.

The board of regents passed a resolution at its February meeting, and a temporary exhibit has opened at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Click below to hear comments from the February Texas A&M System Board of Regents meeting from Chancellor John Sharp, Forest Service director Tom Boggus, and retired regent Jim Schwertner.



News release from the Texas A&M Forest Service:

The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station has a new temporary exhibit on display titled History in the Making: Texas A&M Forest Service.

The exhibit brings to life the people, places and events that shaped the agency for the past 100 years.

As visitors enter the exhibit, they walk into a forest setting and are taken back to the agency’s humble beginnings—with those first six patrolmen on horseback. They’ll have the opportunity to learn about early fire detection and extinguishing methods, and can follow along the walls of the exhibit to see how TFS evolved throughout the century.

Over 160 attendees gathered to help the agency celebrate the opening of the exhibit with a reception held in the museum’s rotunda. Special guest speakers included Chancellor John Sharp, who has seen first-hand the work TFS carries out to protect the people and natural resources of Texas.

Also the agency’s director Tom G. Boggus, who has led the agency through many incidents, including the devastating wildfires of 2011, spoke at the event.

“Tonight is incredibly special for our agency. There are several video clips running throughout this exhibit that will give you a glimpse of what this agency means to the people lucky enough to work here,” Boggus said. “The exhibit title is not by mistake—we are celebrating 100 years, but understand that we are still making history every day and we aren’t finished by a long shot.”

Several other features are included in the exhibit, such as an Emergency Operations Center where visitors learn about current wildfire detection and incident response; and a life-like oak tree surrounded by interactive displays.

TFS is recognized as the leader in forestry for Texas and the nation through applied programs in forest and tree development: wildfire prevention, mitigation and protection; urban and community forestry; and a host of other innovative forest sustainability programs. The exhibit was made possible through generous contributions from the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation, Texas Chapter International Society of Arboriculture, California Casualty, Texas Society of American Foresters, State Farm, VFIS of Texas and FireWatch Texas.

The exhibits runs through Nov. 8, 2015. To learn more about the exhibit and ticket information visit

Photos for the event and exhibit can be found on our Flickr account; to see video of the exhibit installation visit our YouTube channel.

To learn more about the agency’s 100 years of history, visit our centennial website

Photo from @txforestserv Twitter feed at the grand opening of the Bush Library and Museum exhibit.

Photo from @TXForestService Twitter feed at the grand opening of the TFS exhibit at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.


The 150th anniversary of the Civil War battle at Appomattox will be honored Thursday morning with the unveiling of the newest sculpture at the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial.

Steve Beachy with the veterans memorial says the Civil War sculpture has two soldiers walking away from a fence, one from the Confederate army going south and one from the Union headed north.

The memorial program is Thursday morning at 11:30 at Veterans Park.

Click below for comments from Steve Beachy of the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial, visiting with WTAW’s Scott DeLucia:



News release from the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial:

On Thursday, April 9, the Brazos Valley Veterans Memorial board of directors invites all military veterans, community partners and the public to its Civil War Memorial site dedication at Veterans Park and Athletic Complex.

The event will recognize the installation of two bronze statues crafted by local artist J. Payne Lara in the likeness of military men from the American Civil War – one Union Army soldier and one Confederate States Army soldier. The site’s theme depicts the final days of the war, showing soldiers as they may have looked after engaging in lengthy days of battle.

The memorial pays tribute to those veterans of both sides who endured incredibly harsh conditions, poor food, diseases, and horrendous battles large and small. Those who survived their time in uniform began the long trip home to face new realities, an uncertain future, and a Union restored.

Keynote Address:
“The Citizen Soldiers of the American Civil War” – T. Michael Parrish, Ph.D.

Parrish is the Linden G. Bowers Professor of American History at Baylor University where he teaches courses on Texas history, Civil War and Reconstruction, and U.S. history. Early in his career, he worked as a research archivist at the Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum. Parrish is author of Brothers in Gray: The Civil War Letters of the Pierson Family, among other books, and also serves as editor or co-editor for three Civil War book series. Parrish was named for his great grandfather, a second lieutenant in the 37th Alabama Infantry, Confederate Army of Tennessee.

Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra

Throughout the program, orchestra members will perform selections from the works of modern composers and film scores that capture the spirit of the American Civil War. These selections will be featured in BVSO’s season finale titled “Civil War Tribute” on April 26 at Rudder Theatre.

Other notable activities

Cannon shot
Posting of Colors
Reading of soldiers’ letters
History of Taps
Rifle salute
150th anniversary

The event will also commemorate the sesquicentennial anniversary of the surrender of the Confederate States Army under General Robert E. Lee to the Union Army under Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, on April 9, 1865. This surrender triggered a series of surrenders across the south, signaling the end of the Civil War.

Map from showing location of the Civil War veteran's memorial.

Map from showing location of the Civil War veteran’s memorial.


District 12 state representative Kyle Kacal visited with WTAW’s Scott DeLucia on The Infomaniacs April 3, 2015.

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DowntownBryanLogo2014Amanda Reynolds of the Downtown Bryan Association visits with WTAW’s Bill Oliver about April’s First Friday activities, followed the next weekend by a jazz festival sponsored by the College Station noon Lions club, and a preview of what’s happening during Texas A&M parents weekend during the third weekend of April.

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District 5 state senator Charles Schwertner visited with WTAW’s Scott DeLucia on WTAW’s The Infomaniacs Thursday, April 2 2015.


Topics during the interview included the future structure of the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and its leader, HHS commissioner Kyle Janek.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A state audit into a $110 million contracting scandal at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission says a lack of ethics and accountability cleared the way for a no-bid deal that remains under criminal investigation.

The report Thursday heaps more criticism on state health Commissioner Kyle Janek’s embattled mega-agency. Janek signaled no intention of resigning in a letter this week to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Two top state executives have resigned in the wake of the now-canceled contract with Austin-based tech consultants 21CT. The company was hired to help uncover Medicaid fraud.

Auditors say the deal with 21CT was “predetermined” from the start and skirted competitive bidding. 21CT executives have denied that the contract was improper.

Public corruption prosecutors in Austin are also investigating the deal.


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