Infomaniacs: March 03, 2015 (7:00am)


7:10 – Forbes richest people/ Free pancakes at IHOP for “CMN”/ New NASCAR rules to reduce fighting/ Twitter under fire from ISIS/ British endurance swimmer

7:40 – Last man on Super Bowl/ Raptitude


Infomaniacs: March 03, 2015 (6:00am)


6:12 – Bad fog/ 8 Year old called news paper because they changed comics

6:16 – Today’s Celeb B-days

6:23 – Elle Poaching capture

6:38 – Rep. wants to look into IRS giving refunds to illegal aliens/ Rep. Leadership is lacking/ BB’s speech/ H. Clinton’s Email…private.


Kevin O’Connor Kommentary March 2

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Infomaniacs: March 02, 2015 (8:00am)


8:10 – Yell leader Election/ Spring training baseball/ No cell phones 30 Min before game in locker room

8:43 – Tony Tender Holt in news for wrong reason/ IKEA has couch that recharges wireless devices

8:49 – Bravo Brazos Valley/ Snails on your face


Infomaniacs: March 02, 2015 (7:00am)


7:12 – Dop Ap sold to Google by a ton/ Taco Bell test kitchen “New Desert”/ Shop lift for a living cause not enough benefit/ “The Dress”/ SNL parody dust up

7:24 – Girl Scout Cookie theft

7:39 – More food not availability…KFC “Fire double down Max”/ Olympic madness with Scott! You “can” now bet on games/ The Dress…what color.


Infomaniacs: March 02, 2015 (6:00am)


6:11 – Mom gives kiddo margarita in sippie cup

6:13 – Today Celeb Bdays

6:24 – Sky diving seizure

6:37 – Dartmouth warmed up in shorts/ Fight of cop hill owes HLS & Exec order/ Can Banor still lead in the house


Kevin O’Connor Kommentary February 27

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Infomaniacs: February 27, 2015 (8:00am)


8:09 – TX. Dist. 12 House Rep. Kyle Kacal/ David Brower Community service of CS. CS PIO Jay Socal/ Paul Bonorigo Messina Hoff

8:41 – Mr. Downs


Infomaniacs: February 27, 2015 (7:00am)


7:11 – J.C. Wittny catalog. Steering wheel knobs. Cool car accessories/ Buy Rob Fords confession tie/ Puddle of mudd singer arrested for riding the luggage belt/ you can rent your own village/ ship snow to friends via

7:35 – Roger Feldman passed away/ Leprosy is back/ Don’t have your car charge plugged in


Infomaniacs: February 27, 2015 (6:00am)


6:10 – Seattle egging knocks a woman out/ escape llamas/ this weekend is celeb b-days

6:41 – HLS funding/ I.R.S. looking into how learners emails were handled


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