Arrests Include Repeat Offenders And A Father Putting A Daughter In Handcuffs

A week after a Bryan man was arrested for the 21st time in 19 years, he returned to jail. 37 year old Cedrick Dion Williams was stopped by a Bryan policeman early Tuesday morning walking on the wrong side of a residential street. According to the arrest report, Williams agreed to be searched. The officer reported finding a prescription bottle with the label marked out with black ink. Williams says the bottle containing 25 Valium pills belonged to his cousin. Williams, who was arrested for possessing a controlled substance, had been out on bond three days from his arrest for swearing in front of officers, threatening a convenience store employee, and causing $1,500 dollars of damage to a patrol vehicle while being driven to jail.

Another arrest from last weekend involved a Bryan man picked up for the second time in less than two months for drunk driving. DPS reported this followed a crash on a Highway 6 frontage road north of Bryan. According to the arrest report, one of the drivers said he knew he was going to jail. That happened after breath tests indicated an alcohol level of more than two times the legal limit. 46 year old Thomas Peyton, who is out of jail on bond, was on another bond following a June 23rd DWI arrest by Bryan police. According to online court records, Peyton has one prior DWI conviction, which took place 20 years ago.

A Texas A&M policeman reported arresting a Bryan man for the second time in five months for driving with an invalid license with two prior convictions. According to online records, it’s the 22nd arrest in 12 years for 25 year old Asencion Alvarado Jr. According to the arrest report, Alvarado has 19 suspensions on his drivers license…12 of them for not having insurance. He is out of jail after posting bond from last weekend’s arrest.

A man calling College Station 9-1-1 saying he was in fear for his life told police he wanted to go to jail because someone was trying to kill him. 27 year old Tridell Perry of Bryan went to jail after he was arrested for possessing a handgun as a convicted felon…which the arrest report noted the gun was loaded…along with spitting at a group of officers who responded to the call Monday night outside Franky’s convenience store at Texas and Harvey Mitchell.

Last weekend, Brazos County sheriff’s deputies responded to a disturbance at a home between Wellborn and Millican. When they arrived, an off duty Fort Bend County deputy had his daughter in handcuffs. According to the arrest report, that’s after the father found cocaine and marijuana in his daughter’s backpack. The daughter said her father confronted her outside her grandparents home after the father found a Snapchat photo she posted showing drugs. 17 year old Riley Sayers of Waco was arrested for drug possession.

Photos (L-R) of Cedrick Dion Williams, Thomas Peyton, Asencion Alvarado Jr., Tridell Perry, and Riley Sayers from


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Brazos Valley Veterans — In Their Own Words


Howdy BBV Listeners,

Please help me get the word out. If you know any of these veterans (or their spouse or any child or grandchild or any relative) — please send me their contact information so that I can make sure they know the voice of their veteran loved-one recounting their military service exists. Or better yet, you can just tell them that they can access it in any of three ways:


  • Go to YouTube and search ‘Brazos Valley Vets’  and up will pop the complete collection. or add the last name and just that vet will appear. (Ex: search in YouTube ‘Brazos Valley Vets Wolters’.
  • Or if they’re on Facebook, ask them to search for the FB page ‘Veterans of the Brazos Valley – In their Own Words’ There they’ll see the main post which takes them to the complete list and a link to the interview for each Veteran.



Tom Turbiville

Here is the complete list of Brazos Valley Veterans who’d recorded service history “In Their Own Words” can be found on You Tube or Facebook:



Service Conflict Date Interviewed
**Adams, Bill AF Korea 3-3-11
**Adams, Billy Joe ‘41 Army WW II 6-15-05
Akins, Ray Marines WW II 10-8-09
**Allen, CJ Army WW II 2000
Anderson, John AF V Nam 8-24-05
Bailey, Jeff Army V Nam 2-26-09
**Balmain, LeRoy Merch.


WW II/ Korea 3-17-11
Banta, Gary Army V Nam 2-11-10
Barber, Gene Navy WW II 5-9-07
**Bayliss, Garland Navy WW II 6-17-10
**Beal, Norman Navy/Army WW II 10-29-09
Birdwell, Alfred Army WW II 5-27-10
Blasienz, John  ‘47 Navy WW II 5-31-07
**Boykin, Calvin Army WW II 6-7-07
Brewster, Joe  ‘61? Army V Nam 5-3-06
**Browning, Tom Army/MP WW II 2-1-06
Bruner, Bob Army Desert Storm 11-6-08
Buell, Frank Navy WW II 2-5-09
**Burns, Curtis AF WW II 11-10-06
Carlton, P.K. AF 9-11 8-19-10
**Chadbourne, Dan Marines WW II 10-23-08
**Chatham, Catherine AF WW II 10-14-99
Congleton, Jerry AF V Nam 10-18-07
**Cooper, Jim Navy WW II /Korea 3-1-05


Service Conflict Date I nterviewed
**Cox, George Army WW II 5-4-05
**Craft, Sonny Army WW II 2009
**Cronin, Walter Army WW II 6-7-06
Currie, Jack  ‘?? AF WW II 7-24-08
Darling, Thomas  ‘54 AF V Nam 9-27-06
**Davis, Rex Navy/AF/ Army WW II/ Korea/VNam 2-18-10
**Davison, Dick Army WW II 6-21-06
Deitrich, Dick Army WW II 3-10-11
DeZavala, Lawrence AF WW II 6-21-07
Dickey, Frank Army V Nam 6-28-06
Dickey, Wilson Army Iraq 7-17-08
Edmonds, W.S.   ‘38 Army WW II 6-8-05
**Eyre, Ed Marines WW II 11-9-05
Fliedner, Robert Army WW II 10-22-09
Folterman, Arnold Army WW II 11-15-06
**Francischni, Doris Army WW II 2000
**Franze, R.F. “Sonny” Army WW II 6-22-05
Gallery, Bob Army WW II 7-21-10
**Gammon, Spec Army WW II 6-1-05
**Gordon, Jim AF WW II 6-14-06
Goza, Noble Marines WW II 2011
Guidry, Mike Navy Iraq 8-6-06
Hamilton, Bill Army V Nam 2010
Hanover, Joe   ‘40 Army WW II 11-20-08
**Hanson, Al Air Force WW II 8-31-05


Service Conflict Date
Happ, John  ‘66 Air Force V Nam 1-24-08
Harper, Bill Army Post WW II 10-10-09
Harrison, Eddie Buffalo Soldier 2010
Hatfield, Thomas Rudder Author 3-4-2011
Hester, Jim Army V Nam 9-21-05
**Hickle, Art Marines V Nam 2000
Higgins, Ed AF WW II 2-14-08
Hill, Henry   ‘56 AF V Nam 2-7-08
Hobbs, Duke  ‘47 Army/AF WW II 6-5-08
**Holland, Fred Navy WW II 8-2-07
Hope, Lannes Army WW II 10-26-05
Hopgood, Ted Marines V Nam 9-4-08
Hudson, Louis   ‘44 Army WW II 11-16-05
Huss, Carl AF WW II 6-4-09
Huffman, Jeff Army Iraq 2011
**Jackson, Dale Army WW II 2-12-09
Jacquin, Jules Army WW II 2-22-07
**Junek, Ivo Army WW II 2-21-08
**Kennedy, Gordon Army Korea/         V Nam 1-29-09
**Kling, Bill     ‘49 Army WW II 2-22-06
Kocman, Frank Army WW II 3-25-05
*Kozlowski, ED & Yolanda AF/Army WW II 10-12-05
**Kozlowski, Yolanda Army WW II 5-3-07


Service Conflict Date
Lewis, Durwood   ‘60 AF V Nam 1-24-07
Lewis, Ron     ‘64 Army V Nam 6-30-05
**Litchford, Virgil Army WW II 1999
**Litterst, Frank   ‘42 Army WW II 10-11-07
Loveless, Ken Army V Nam 2-15-08
Marion, David Army V Nam 8-10-05
**Marsh, H.J. Army WW II/ Korea 6-25-09
**McCaskill, Gerald Navy WW II 9-18-08
McClesky, Lee AF V Nam 4-24-08
Meyer, Al AF V Nam POW 9-28-05
Middleton, Bob  ‘51 Army Korea 9-14-05
Milhollan, John AF V Nam 3-9-05
Miller, John   ‘46 Marines V Nam 4-5-07
Monroe, Haskell Historian Historian 2009
Moore, Jim     ‘49 Army V Nam 7-31-08
**Morgan, Glenn Navy WW II 3-16-05
**Mounce, Claude Navy Cuban Missle Cri. 4-5-06
Newton, Ty AF V Nam 3-28-07
Nicholas, Don    ‘48 AF WW II   4-26-07
**Novak, Albert Navy/ Army AF/ WW II 7-26-07
Oliversas, Rick AF V Nam 3-1-05
Opersteny, Charles AF Korea 12-15-05
Pardo, Bob AF V Nam 4-27-05
**Parker, Brian AF V Nam 11-29-06


Service Conflict Date Interviewed
**Peacock, Dick Navy WW II 2009
**Pope, Bill AF WW II 11-29-07
**Pratt, Gordon Navy WW II 8-5-10
Raisor, Harry AF V Nam 2000
Rampmeier, Al Army V Nam 2-8-07
Reid, Vic AF V Nam 4-13-05
Reynolds, Scotty  ‘58 Navy/Army Korea/         V Nam 10-25-06
**Richardson, Richard Army WW II 12-10-09
Riedel, Taylor   ‘44 Army WW II 10-25-07
Robbins, Jim Army V Nam 5-28-09
Rees, Holly Army WW II 2-8-06
**Roop, Gerald Army WW II 10-4-06
Rosser, Terry    ‘61 Army V Nam 8-23-06
Rothermel, James Navy WW II 8-3-05
Saunders, Jim Army V Nam 1-22-09
Schoeneman, LeRoy AF WW II 10-9-08
**Schultz, Raymond Army WW II 7-13-05
Sherman, Mike Coach Irag Visit 7-20-10
Shockey, Hugh Marines Korea/         V Nam 11-15-07
Sippial, Chuck AF V Nam 3-25-10
Smith, C.O. Coast Grd Korea 3-5-09
**Smith, Charles Army V Nam 2011
South, Randy Marines Gulf War 4-20-05
Southerland, Mike Army V Nam 1-26-11
Spoede, Bob  ‘48 Army Viet Nam 2-2-07


Service Conflict Date
Starr, Douglass Navy WW II 4-17-08
**Stephens, Paul AF WW II 9-20-06
**Stewart, Larry   ‘61? Navy V Nam 9-8-09
**Stroman, Bill Marines Korea 5-29-08
**Sweat, Robert  ‘38? Army WW II 2000
**Thomas, Rich Navy WW II 4-12-06
**Thompson, Eddie Navy WW II 4-6-05
**Upham, Jack Army WW II 2-15-06
Valigura, Ray Army WW II 3-8-06
Voelkel, Tyson   ‘96 Army Iraq 10-10-05
Von Roeder, Hazel AF WW II/Korea 1-27-10
Wade, James  ‘48? Army WW II 8-6-09
**West, Jim Marines V Nam 4-26-06
**West, David Navy V Nam 11-19-09
White, Mark Army Iraq 12-4-08
Wilkinson, Bob Marines Korea/         V Nam 8-30-06
**Wolters, Freddie  ‘44? Army WW II 4-10-08
Woodall, Jim  ‘50 Navy/ Army Korea/VN 1-17-08
Youngkin, Bill  ‘69 Army V Nam 9-7-05
Youngblood, Keith Army Iraq 8-20-09



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