Bit of Info: Dude Looks Like a Lady… Or Steven Tyler

Bit of Info: Dude Looks Like a Lady… Or Steven Tyler – May 25th 2017 – A male criminal tries to evade police by dressing like a woman… Not only does it not work, he doesn’t even look much like a woman… In fact, he looks more like Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler… who, of course, sang the song […]

Bit of Info: Pizza Sliders

Bit of Info: Pizza Sliders – May 25th 2017 – Arby’s claims that they “have the meats”, but now, they may just have the pizzas too! Introducing The Pizza Slider from Arby’s, surely available soon at an Arby’s near you. (Disclaimer: This isn’t an Arby’s commercial, it just sounds delicious!)

Bit of Info – Real Costume Jewelry

Bit of Info: Real Costume Jewelry – May 24th 2017 – A woman who bought, what she thought was, a simple piece of costume jewelry, enjoyed a HUGE payday after following a friend’s advice to to get it appraised!

Bit of Info: 7-11 Coffee

Bit of Info: 7-11 Coffee – May 23rd 2017 – Where do you want to go to get the best bang for you buck, when it comes to your morning pick-me-up? Turns out, it isn’t the big green monster! According to a recent study, 7-11 is the caffeine king!

Bit of Info: ADHD Award

Bit of Info: ADHD Award – May 22nd 2017 – After spending the year disciplining a student with ADHD for not paying attention in class, a school in Georgia decided to present the child with an award at the school’s annual ceremony… for “Least Likely to Pay Attention”. Naturally, this didn’t sit well with the child’s mother.

Bit of Info: Cat Found after Fire

Bit of Info: Cat Found after Fire – May 19th 2017 – If you’re a pet owner, one of your greatest fears is likely the idea of a house fire claiming your lovable fuzzball. This poor family thought they were facing just such a horror, when their cat went missing after they’d suffered the tragedy… however, upon […]

Bit of Info: Roseanne Returns

Bit of Info: Roseanne Returns – May 18th 2017 – If you’re a fan of the 90’s television Roseanne, you’re in luck! Roseanne, Dan, Darlene, DJ, and BOTH Becky’s will be returning for the show’s revival.

Bit of Info: Weird Ways People Eat Foods

Bit of Info: Weird Ways People Eat Foods – May 17th 2017 – Are you eating your foods in the “right ways”? “Right” ways? According to who?? Never let ’em tell you how to eat your foods! In any case, here are some poll results, showing the… more unique ways people choose to enjoy their sustenance.

Bit of Info: Jolly Rancher Pop Tarts

Bit of Info: Jolly Rancher Pop Tarts – May 16th 2017 – Ok, humanity… we may have gone a step too far… in a truly tooth-stinging move, The people behind Pop Tarts have announced that they are releasing their tasty pastries in multiple flavors based on Jolly Ranchers… I think I got a cavity just writing that…

Bit of Info: Eliminating the Middleman

Bit of Info: Eliminating the Middleman – May 15th 2017 – A drunk driver gets into a wreck, as they are wont to do, but, in an odd twist of fate, this particular drunk driver crashed into… an alcohol rehab clinic! Well, at least he’ll know where it is when he receives his inevitable court order.

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