BTU And College Station Utilities Announce Dates Of Resuming Late Fees And Termination Notices

After three months of suspending late fees and disconnect notices, College Station Utilities (CSU) and Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) have announced a schedule for resuming those actions.

Both public utilities will resume disconnections in six weeks, on July 15. Termination notices resume July 2, and late fees return on June 15.

As of Monday, 4,969 CSU customers owed a combined $1,493,327.88.

During CSU’s 2019 fiscal year, the average number of late paying accounts per month was 5,646. The average number of accounts disconnected for non-pay per month was 360. And the average total amount disconnected for non-pay per month was $21,101.28. The FY 19 figures represents CSU commercial and residential customers for electric, water, wastewater, solid waste, roadway maintenance and drainage services.

At BTU, as of Monday there were about 2,300 customers who owed a figure that BTU corrected was around $665,000 dollars. BTU originally said the amount that was owed was around $66.000. Before the pandemic, BTU would have fewer than 500 customers considered to be seriously late.

Payment arrangements at both BTU and CSU can be made online and on the phone.

And at CSU, the city of College Station recently unveiled a new third party provider for making online payments. New features includes scheduling payments for a future date.

Joint news release from College Station Utilities and Bryan Texas Utilities:

Bryan Texas Utilities and College Station Utilities are encouraging customers who delayed making payments during the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus to set up payment arrangements soon.

Both publicly owned utilities will resume assessing late fees on June 15 — about three months after suspending late fees and disconnections due to nonpayment.

Customers will begin to see service termination notices starting on July 2, with the earliest disconnections for nonpayment occurring July 15.

Both BTU and CSU want to support our friends, neighbors and the entire Bryan-College Station community through this unprecedented time.

Representatives are ready to help their customers avoid disruption of service.

Options for BTU customers:

• Online Payment Arrangement Request:‐service/ways‐to‐pay‐your‐bill
• Email:
• Call: 979.821.5700 to speak to a customer service representative

Options for CSU customers:

• Visit Utility Customer Services at 310 Krenek Tap Road
• Email
• Call 979.764.3535 and ask for a customer service representative