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Infomaniacs: September 05, 2014 (6:00am)

Infomaniacs: September 04, 2014 (8:00am)

0811- Paul Kaspar City of Bryan 0844- No ‘twerking’ at homecoming

Infomaniacs: September 04, 2014 (7:00am)

0711- Work out, drink wine, all is well No ketchup at restaurant Fast food walk out Kids and lies 0739- Queen Elizabeth doesn’t like selfies Greenhouse gases Mega drought Random stories

Infomaniacs: September 04, 2014 (6:00am)

0612- Kid in lap.. Allowing to drive Grandma gets arrested 0615- Grandma gets arrested 0621- Yoda died 0637- The President tough talk town Political rhetoric

Infomaniacs: September 03, 2014 (8:00am)

0817- College Station Mayor Nancy Berry Random stories

Infomaniacs: September 03, 2014 (7:00am)

0711- The SEC is home of good football and Bigfoot iCloud pictures Stolen jet lines in Libya 0724- Beer truck overturns on Katy Freeway 0737- US Rep Dist. 17 Congressman Bill Flores

Infomaniacs: September 03, 2014 (6:00am)

0612- Wedding brawl in Pittsburgh Today is/Celeb B-day 0618- Lady born on August 31st 1887 is 127 year old… Lost birth certificate, no record. Very strange app 0638- Federal court declined Greg Abbott/Abortion law President talking tough overseas Martin O’Neill may run for president Bill Clinton fundraising

Infomaniacs: September 02, 2014 (8:00am)

0810- Aggieland Humane Leiha White BCS Chamber of Commerce Burl Haigwood 0837- New SciFi museum in D.C. Mr. Downs on museum

Infomaniacs: September 02, 2014 (7:00am)

0737- Drinking coffee before a nap helps brain function State fair food Random stories

Infomaniacs: September 02, 2014 (6:00am)

0610- Combat juggling 0616- Today is/B-days 16 year old girl tries for jihad 0639- Radioactive wild hogs in Germany Mool’s online classes

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