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Infomaniacs: September 16, 2014 (8:00am)

0814- Aggieland Humane: Leiha White 0840- Driving data/Rudest drivers 0840- Landing on a comet Scotland leaving the UK

Infomaniacs: September 16, 2014 (7:00am)

0712- Hurricane hits Cabo Volcanoes No magic in comfort foods 4 million pre-orders on new Apple iPhone in first 24 hours Cognizant bringing HQ to BCS Seng coming back Facebook etiquette

Infomaniacs: September 16, 2014 (6:00am)

0639- Troops to go assist with ebola Eric Holder and ISISL Rand Paul flip flops foreign policy

Infomaniacs: September 15, 2014 (8:00am)

0811- 60K square foot home for sale 3D printer in space 0840- Mr. Downs in-studio for Scott’s birthday No snooze bar Do you say “I feel bad” or “I feel badly”?

Infomaniacs: September 15, 2014 (7:00am)

0714- China teacher fired for yelling at kids after they didn’t bring present on Teacher Day How about that rain? A&M football parking problems Cell phone lane.. In China 0738- Peewee football shooting How much coffee do you drink?

Infomaniacs: September 15, 2014 (6:00am)

0611- Guy brings umbrella to his college job… Folks thought it was a gun, locked down campus 0622- Men want women younger (article) (picture) 0640- US is “at war” according to White House talking heads Hillary at steak fry

Infomaniacs: September 12, 2014 (8:00am)

0811- Troy Rother City of CS Traffic Guy Jay Socal PLO City of CS

Infomaniacs: September 12, 2014 (7:00am)

0712- Americans love their credit cards B.K. Black burger Scotland v. Britain Ben and Jerry’s Mary Jane ice cream 0748- Call from Mr. Downs

Infomaniacs: September 12, 2014 (6:00am)

0610- Weather talk with “Fat Rain” Shoplifter caught after escaping on handicapped scooter 0642- President did not play golf yesterday White House gaffs

High School Football

Final: Rudder defeats Bastrop Cedar Creek 48-20.

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