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Infomaniacs: September 25, 2014 (7:00am)

0713- Joan London Breast Cancer Awareness… Survive and Thrive Frozen was stolen Crazy in Florida.. Baby in trunk Random stories 0738- New person to hate… Lotto winner Random stories

Infomaniacs: September 25, 2014 (6:00am)

0611- Alabama paper carrier reported shooting… Then it gets weird! 0615- Today is/B-days One Hit Wonder Day 0640- President at UN comparing Middle East to Missouri police shooting Latte salute

Infomaniacs: September 24, 2014 (8:00am)

0810- Bryan Mayor Jason Bienski 0823- BVSO Steve Krusie Golf Tournament 0840- Music licensing with Mr. Downs Random stories

Infomaniacs: September 24, 2014 (7:00am)

0712- PD delivers pizza after delivery guy wrecks Laid off workers not finding new jobs 0738- US Rep Dist. 17 Congressman Bill Flores

Infomaniacs: September 24, 2014 (6:00am)

0610- Guy makes lamp out of amputated leg B-days/Today is 0624- Okra stealin’ 0640- Let the bombing begin Who’s running for president?

Infomaniacs: September 23, 2014 (8:00am)

Infomaniacs: September 23, 2014 (7:00am)

Infomaniacs: September 23, 2014 (6:00am)

Infomaniacs: September 22, 2014 (8:00am)

0813- Joan Rivers/Fashion police will continue Random Stories  

Infomaniacs: September 22, 2014 (7:00am)

0712- Equinox Lottery Pot pizza Hazed and confused ice cream Random stories

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