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Infomaniacs: September 29, 2015 (7:00am)

0710- New Olympic Sports Crazy Crime Blotters Smart Phones Connectivity Report 0739- Facebook Crashed Justin Bieber # None of your Business Co-or Feeding with Fish

Infomaniacs: September 29, 2015 (6:00am)

0610- Radomness 0612- Today is/Celeb B-Days 0640- More Speaker of the House Talk President at U.N.

Infomaniacs: September 28, 2015 (8:00am)

0815- Best Movie to Take Place in Every State Random Stuff

Infomaniacs: September 28, 2015 (7:00am)

0712- Singapore School Closed Due to Pollution VW Trouble in Paris Fiat Sales Are Way Up After Pope Gus $ Man Bun Could Make You Bald Random Stories 0743- Hospital Moves Air Force Guy Due to Uniform Unfriend on Facebook, Work Place Bullying

Infomaniacs: September 28, 2015 (6:00am)

0612- Giant Pumpkin 0614- Today is/Celeb B-Days 0622- Crazy Stuff at Restaurants 0642- John B. Hangs Up Speakership Bill Flores on CNN The President at U.N.

Infomaniacs: September 25, 2015 (8:00am)

0810- City of C.S. 0814- B.U. Arts Council 0820- Massina Huf 0845- Mr. Downs WTAW Breaks House Speaker John Boehner to Resign

Infomaniacs: September 25, 2015 (7:00am)

TX State Fair Before Aggie Game? Fair Food Kanye For President Cereal Spoon Selfie Storm Troopers Doing Every Day Things Other Random Stories 0738- Hospital Surprise (Several Stories) Miss Italy Diagnosis Could Be Wrong

Infomaniacs: September 25, 2015 (6:00am)

0611- NFL Breast Feeding Pods This Weekend is/Celeb B-Days 0638- Need to Know About Popes Visit Politics

Infomaniacs: September 24, 2015 (8:00am)

Infomaniacs: September 24, 2015 (7:00am)

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