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Two Family Violence Assault Arrests And An Accused Drunk Driver Relieves Himself On The Freeway

Two family violence assault arrests were made in the twin cities on Tuesday, one where a son is accused of punching his mother and the second where a mother is accused of punching her daughter.

The 37th time that 38 year old Joshua Lamar Brown of Bryan is in the Brazos County jail, according to Bryan police, accuses him of striking his mother after she wouldn’t give him five dollars because she spent all of her money on groceries. The mother was driven by her daughter to the hospital for treatment of a swollen bottom lip. Brown is held in lieu of a $10,000 dollar bond. He is awaiting two trials on misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and indecent exposure.

Bryan police responding to a domestic disturbance led to a woman being arrested on eight charges. According to the arrest report, 47 year old Naomi Gomez denied striking her daughter in the face with a closed fist. Gomez, who was arrested for family violence assault, was also taken to jail on seven warrants. Three accuse her of failing to make court appearances and the rest were on traffic related charges.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. That’s what an accused drunk driver did after he was pulled over by a College Station police officer Tuesday along the freeway near Southwest Parkway. According to the CSPD arrest report, a witness reported almost being hit by a minivan that was swerving while driving 30 miles per hour. When the officer asked the driver to participate in sobriety tests, the driver said he needed to use the restroom. When the officer told the driver several times he would have to wait, the driver lowered his pants and relieved himself against the curb. When the driver was finished, he told the officer “Now I’m ready for whatever you need me to do.” The DWI arrest was made, according to the officer, due to the totality of the circumstances. The driver, 43 year old Jose Valencia-Ramirez of Dallas, is also in jail on a hold for immigration authorities.

Photos of (L-R) Joshua Lamar Brown, Naomi Gomez, and Jose Valencia-Ramirez from

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