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UPDATE: What Was Reported As An Attempted Abduction Of An 11 Year Old Girl Is A Misunderstanding

The College Station police department has announced last week’s report of a possible abduction of an 11 year old girl in the Edelweiss subdivision turned out to be a misunderstanding.

According to a CSPD news release, a car matching the girl’s description was found.

During what CSPD stated was an extensive interview, investigators were told the blue hatchback with the driver and two passengers stopped to fix an issue the driver was having with the car.

Everyone got out in order for the driver to work on his car.

And the driver and his passengers all said they did not chased or attempted to abduct the girl.

CSPD says the sequence of events was corroborated by everyone involved.

News release from College Station police:

On Wednesday, June 5, 2019 at approximately 5:50 PM, Officers with the College Station Police Department responded to a report of a suspicious persons and vehicle in the Edelweiss Gardens Subdivision in College Station. A young girl reported that while she was attempting to retrieve mail from the family’s mailbox, a small hatchback vehicle, possibly blue in color had driven passed her. After the vehicle passed her, it then stopped and three males exited the vehicle and began to chase her. Responding officers looked for the possible suspect vehicle, but was unable to locate a vehicle matching the description given.

Today, after further follow-up by the College Station Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division, the possible suspect vehicle was located and the driver of the vehicle on the day of the incident was interviewed. After an extensive interview, it was discovered that the incident was a misunderstanding. The blue hatchback vehicle was actually driven by the young girl’s location and it did stop further down the roadway. However, the purpose of the driver stopping the vehicle was to attempt to fix an issue he was having with the vehicle at that time. There were two other occupants in the vehicle with the driver, and they exited the vehicle as well in order to change their seating arrangement to enable the driver to address the issue he was having with the vehicle. The driver advised that neither he nor the other occupants chased or attempt to abduct the young girl. Once the sequence of events, provided by the driver, were corroborated with all of the parties involved, it was determined that the incident was a misunderstanding.

The College Station Police Department thanks the public for all information that was provided and contributed to the resolution of this incident.

Original story:

College Station police continue to investigate what social media described Monday as an attempted abduction of an 11 year old girl last week.

Lt. Craig Anderson says the girl was in the Edelweiss Gartens subdivision last Wednesday shortly before six p.m. when she reported she was being followed by three Asian men.

Anderson says the girl ran to her home and told her father, and officers were not able to find the suspect’s vehicle, which a Next Door post described as a light blue hatchback car.

Anderson stresses communication between parents and their children, neighbors getting to know each other and report suspicious activity, and to be aware of your surroundings.

Click below for comments from Craig Anderson, visiting with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

Listen to “College Station police suggestions to stay safe after an 11 year old girl reports being followed by three men” on Spreaker.

Screen shot of Next Door post received by WTAW News June 10, 2019.

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