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Arrest Follows Texas A&M Police Discovering 799 Videos Of Partially Clothed Women

Texas A&M police has around 799 videos showing at least 20 partially clothed women in an employee’s restroom.

A former employee of the university’s transit building is accused of hiding a video camera under a sink in what appeared to be a phone charger device.

According to the arrest report, A&M’s assistant transit director was investigating someone hacking their video surveillance equipment when she saw video of 54 year old Peter Baty going into the women’s restroom on four consecutive Friday’s around five in the morning.

That led to the discovery of the spy camera, which was positioned to have an unobstructed view to the victim’s intimate area as they were using the restroom.

A&M issued a statement that transit building employees have been told about the investigation and have been offered counseling services.

Anyone else who may have been recorded is asked to contact university police.

President Michael Young issued a statement saying in part what Baty is accused of doing is not only a criminal act, but is also deeply counter to A&M’s values.

Baty, who was arrested on a charge of invasive visual recording, was released from jail the day after his arrest after posting a $25,000 dollar bond.

News release from Texas A&M:

The Texas A&M University Police Department arrested a A&M Transportation Services employee on a state felony charge of invasive video recording.

He is accused of hiding a video camera inside what appeared to be a phone charger device and attaching it underneath the sink in a women’s restroom at the Transit Building on Agronomy Road.

The restroom, which the public does not have access to and is used mainly by employees working in the building, has a single toilet and sink.

Authorities are investigating to identify victims. It is not yet clear how long the camera was under the sink; the investigation will seek to determine these details.

The employee had not been at work since the incident was discovered; he was scheduled to return to work Thursday (May 16) but resigned the day before.

The case remains under investigation by detectives so we are limited in what we can discuss. Police and victim’s assistance personnel met Thursday with women who work in the building to tell them about the investigation.

Police are asking that anyone who thinks they might have been recorded and have not yet been contacted by authorities to email their name and phone number to Det. Rogers A detective will respond as soon as possible.

Counseling services are being offered to those impacted by this situation.

Resources include:

Employee Assistant Program at 888-993-7650; website at
To report sexual misconduct:

Statement from TAMU President Michael K. Young:

“We will not tolerate invasions of privacy against members of our campus community. Not only is this behavior a criminal act but it is also deeply counter to the values we hold dear at Texas A&M University. We are fully cooperating with authorities.”

Statement from Lt. Bobby Richardson:

“We realize that in cases like this family members and friends want to do their own investigations or confront the accused. We hope all involved allow us to investigate the case so that justice can be served for every victim. It would be unfortunate if someone tried to take matters into their own hands, and then got in trouble themselves.”

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