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UPDATE: Brazos County District Clerk-Elect Is Sued By A Former Opponent

The lawyer for Brazos County District Clerk-Elect, Gabriel Garcia, has issued a statement in response to Margaret Meece’s lawsuit filed earlier this week.

Press release for Gabriel Garcia from Gaines West:

Gabriel Garcia, Brazos County District Clerk-Elect, has retained Gaines West to respond to the “sore loser” lawsuit just filed by Margaret Meece, Garcia’s opponent in the most recent election. West said Margaret Meece, and her attorney husband Patrick Meece, are trying to sully the good name of his client with baseless threats and half-truths. West noted that the Meeces’ are wellknown in the community for bringing baseless claims in the courthouse. West said he is anxious to get into the courtroom to expose the Meeces’ true intent and write the final chapter in Margaret Meece’s election loss. West said elections should be determined by the voters, not in lawsuits brought by angry losers. West pledged a vigorous defense of the salacious allegations brought against his client. West concluded by saying that bullies don’t win fights, the truth finds them out.

Original story:

Former candidate for Brazos County District Clerk Margaret Meece has filed a suit in district court charging that the winner of the campaign, Gabriel Garcia, with a list of campaign violations that includes felonies.

Texas law makes it a third degree felony to accept campaign contributions from corporations. In the lawsuit, Meece alleges that Garcia accepted illegal contributions from three corporations.

In addition, Meece alleges that Garcia committed at least three Class A misdemeanors during the campaign.

The 554 page document is asking for monetary relief between $100,000 and $200,000, along with damages, penalties, and court costs.

WTAW News has asked Garcia for a statement regarding Meece’s lawsuit.

Click HERE to read and download the lawsuit.

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