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Three Traffic Stops By Bryan Police Lead To Criminal Charges

A Bryan man on his way home from taking his cousin to school Monday morning wound up in jail on traffic, weapons, and drug charges. According to the Bryan police arrest report, an officer conducting speed enforcement near Bryan High School estimated a car going at least 35 in a 20 mile per hour zone. After the car stopped, the officer learned the driver was wanted on warrants for speeding and not having a valid license. The driver then gave permission for an officer to move his car. The officer inside the car spotted marijuana and a marijuana grinder in an open glove box. That led to a search of the entire car. Officers found two sawed off shotguns, two handguns, ammunition, and 118 doses of what is believed to be LSD. The driver who was arrested, 20 year old Alejandro Cavasos, spent two days in jail before being released on bond.

A 28 year old Bryan man has made his second visit to the Brazos County jail this month, the fourth time in the last four months, and the 21st time in 11 and a half years. Fredrick Robertson Jr. was released on bond following his arrest by Bryan police Monday morning that began with a traffic stop. According to the arrest report, Robertson…whose driving record includes 21 active suspensions…was pulled over for not activating his turn signal for more than 100 feet before turning. He was arrested for driving with an invalid license with prior convictions, seven baggies of marijuana, and one baggie containing what is believed to be crack cocaine. Two cell phones were seized after officers believed both contained information associated with selling narcotics.

Another Bryan man who according to Bryan police has 18 suspensions on his drivers license is out of jail on bond following his second arrest in 13 days, his seventh since January, and his 21st visit in eight years. According to the BPD arrest report, 27 year old Damion Demon Jones was pulled over Tuesday morning for a faulty brake light. Jones was arrested for driving with an invalid license with three prior convictions and possessing two baggies containing marijuana residue.

Photos (L-R) of Alejandro Cavasos, Fredrick Robertson Jr. and Damion Demon Jones from

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