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“Texas Aggies Go To War” Exhibit Proposed for Belgium and Aggieland

December 13, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of World War Two’s Battle of the Bulge.

At one of the key sites, plans are in the works for an Aggie recognition that will also be seen here.

The Siege of Bastogne, Belgium was among the turning points in the Allies victory over Nazi Germany.

On the 70th anniversary, a new memorial center opens in Bastogne.

A&M System Associate Vice Chancellor for Commercialization Brett Cornwell credits his counterpart in Belgium with the idea of creating inside the center, a 5,000 square foot, seven room multimedia exhibit that tells the American contribution in Bastogne through the stories of five Aggies.

Cornwell says the stories would be told about their lives before the war, during the war from Normandy through the Battle of the Bulge and Bastogne, and after the war through today’s relationships between A&M and southern Belgium.



One example Cornwell cites is Earl Rudder, who in addition to his involvement at Normandy’s Point du Hoc, was personally decorated by the King of Belgium for his actions in the Battle of the Bulge.



Bastogne is home to one of the first international companies to locate in the biomedical corridor, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals.



Cornwell says he’s amazed at the family connections he’s discovered during his research of this project.



Cornwell says the proposal, which is still in the planning stage and has the working title of “Texas Aggies Go To War”, would be in Bastogne for two years.

Then it would be moved to a permanent location in Bryan/College Station that is yet to be determined.

Also being considered, is producing a 12 minute movie related to the exhibit that would be shown each night next May on a Battle of Bulge monument outside Bastogne that is more than two stories tall. Cornwell said at the same time, the film would also be projected on a building in Bryan/College Station.

Images of the proposed exhibit are courtesy of the Texas A&M University System.






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