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Veteran Walking Across America in BCS

Who would you be willing to die for? EddieGray_walkacrossamerica_bryan tx070913

Former Marine Eddie Gray, who is currently traveling through Bryan-College Station on foot, asked himself that question, and it inspired him to walk across America for the last five years.

As a Native American, Gray is carrying sweet grass and cedar given to him by tribes he meets along his way, and he is walking to honor fallen troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, including his own friends, to raise awareness for the needs of veterans, and to meet local governments and the people that he and all other veterans serve.

He says  many people celebrate Memorial Day or Veterans Day but don’t realize that freedom isn’t free and some people paid a big price of blood, sweat and tears, or their lives.

In Gray’s own words,  “Memorial Day  is every day, not just one day where you have a cookout. ”

Gray says there is no set amount of mileage, but his halfway mark is near Tallahassee, Florida.

He says he will be finished when he reaches the place where he started, his hometown in Montana.

Gray is keeping in contact with family and friends through Facebook.

EddieGray070913.mp3Eddie Gray visits with WTAW’s Kat McMullen

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