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College Station Seeks Public Input for Use of $1.3 Million in Grants

How would you spend $1,300, 000 of federal grants to improve College Station?

David Brower with community development says the city is asking just that.

Brower says they’ve published a questionnaire to help determine community needs, and the grants should especially benefit low and moderate income areas.

He says the city qualified because of its population, and there is actually quite a bit of flexibility for use.

He says one grant, the Community Development Block Grant, is a very versatile grant that can be used for infrastructure such as streets, roads, and parks, as well as public service agencies.

Brower says the other, the HOME Investement Partnership grant, would be used for housing programs.

He thinks people are misinformed that these are “giveaway programs” or don’t require responsibility on the part of recipients, but on the contrary, he says all of the city’s programs except for an emergency repair program, which is capped at $5,000, are actually loan programs.

Brower says recipients must qualify for a loan and meet credit requirements, and they partner with the city to improve or purchase a home.

DavidBrower031313.mp3David Brower visits with WTAW’s Kat McMullen

CLICK HERE to go to the city’s community development website for the survey and additional information

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