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Internet and Parking Tips From Bryan Police Department

With all of the anonymity on the internet, it’s often difficult to know exactly who you’re dealing with, particularly when buying or selling items.

Bryan Police Officer Kelley McKethan says there are several steps you can take to make sure that someone doesn’t try to take advantage of you during a transaction.

She says to insist on meeting in a public place, not somewhere secluded, adding that you should never invite strangers to your home.

She says to let someone know where and when you’re going, or bring a friend along, and always take your cell phone in case something happens and you need help.

McKethan says you should be especially leery when buying or selling something of a high value, such as a diamond ring.

She says to follow your instincts if things seem fishy, refuse to ship outside of the country, and only take payments through PayPal.

Meanwhile, due to recent complaints about parking violations, McKethan wants to remind residents of a few simple rules to keep in mind.

Parking in a fire lane can result in a fine of more than $300.

McKethan says it’s alright to drop off or pick someone up in a fire lane, but never just sit there.

In addition, stay out of handicapped spaces unless you have a parking placard or a license plate.

McKethan says the first offense of parking in a handicapped space without a tag is more than $500, with the cost going up each successive time.

She says the lined spaces next to the handicapped spots are actually part of the space so that people can unload wheelchairs, and you can still be fined if you park there.

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